“IOT”! Visayan women’s power in bed and politics 500 years ago

“IOT” is a word in Fr. Mateo Sanchez’ 1616/1711 dictionary of Visayan words.
Join us in a one-of-a-kind blended Valentine event this February 14 and know exciting facts about
life in the Visayas, 5 centuries ago!
Let us journey back to 500 years ago and rediscover the “Visayan Women’s Power in Bed and Politics” with online panelists:
-Dr. Rolando Borrinaga, a Visayas historian and University of the Philippines professor;
-Ms. Marivir Montebon, book author on precolonial Cebu and a New York-based journalist/publisher of OSM! online magazine; and
-Dr. Zona Saniel-Amper, a professor from the University of San Carlos (USC) Department of Anthropology, Sociology, and History (DASH) and Director of USC Center for Social Research and Education (CSRE)
Converse with them as they tackle topics on the:
-Ancient Visayan women’s love, sex, and marriage practices,
-Women’s role in religion and in the resistance against Spanish colonization.
WATCH the screening of a video poem, “Love and Heroes”, written by A. Guivelondo, performed by lawyer-journalist Kara Mae Noveda, with video by Hong Kong-based Social Communications Asia.
Balitaw, a Visayan traditional courtship debate in rhymed verses or song, will also be performed LIVE.
Plus, you’ll get a chance to win amazing prizes in the Trivia Quiz on Visayan history!
For interested physical participants, please fill in the form as slots are limited.
Register in this link: shorturl.at/uxJPY. (Registered online participants will get e-certificates).
You may also join the LIVE broadcast on our page: Palm Grass The Cebu Heritage Hotel and the pages of our co-sponsors.
The event is co-sponsored by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, the National Quincentennial Committee, Museo Sugbo, Central Visayas Association of Museums, USC DASH, USC CSRE, USC Department of Political Science, Hambin, Diyandi and Bisdak Pride.
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