Philippine Human Settlements and Town Planning During the Spanish and Post Spanish Periods: Learnings and Insights

In support of the Quincentennial Commemorations in the Philippines celebrating the 500th anniversary of the first circumnavigation of the world, the victory of Lapulapu in the Battle of Mactan, and other related events, the Environmental, Land Use and Urban Planning and Development Bureau of the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development will be holding a webinar on 14 June 2021, with the theme: “Philippine Human Settlements and Town Planning during the Spanish and Post-Spanish Periods: Learnings and Insights.” There will be discussions about human settlements and town planning during the Spanish period and up to the present period as well as discussion on the various National Quincentennial celebrations and commemorations. Urban planning experts Architect and Environmental Planner Paulo G. Alcazaren and Environmental Planner Roque A. Magno will be invited as speakers to give insights on the general situation of town planning during these periods in Philippine history. Details for the event such as links for the online webinar and facebook live will be posted here as well as in the ELUPDB and DHSUD Official Page.

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