Philippine Mythology as Intangible Cultural Heritage

Animism was the predominant religious system during the pre-colonial Philippines. Early inhabitants of the archipelago believed that gods and spirits exist in natural features such as mountains, rivers, forests, and heavenly bodies.

In line with the celebration of the National Heritage Month, and in solidarity with the National Quincentennial Commemorations which underscores the flowering pre-colonial civilization upon the arrival of Magellan in 1521, this lecture explores the Philippine higher and lower mythology. This mythology is so rich that it may be comparable with that of the Greeks’ and of other cultures, yet Filipinos are largely unaware of them.

This program aims to foster appreciation and understanding of our ancestors’ belief system, which is part of our intangible cultural heritage under UNESCO’s “knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe.”

Speaker: Mr. Robert John P. Pastera, Eisdorfer Consulting Enterprises, Inc.


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